just another thing I won’t find my name onimage

OMG it’s the dollar store keychains all over again!!

Really tho

My biggest struggle in life.

Gave up on this kinda shit years ago. Used to only be three “Losson” in the world. I killed one, the other is my father. All with time.

raise ur hand if you’re ready to ditch your body and become a sentient cloud of cosmic gas



isn’t there a kickstarter for that

welcome to night vale.

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Visual feed lost.

Jam on. Audio only. #forecastle


No, being cis/straight/white/male doesn’t mean you automatically won’t face any difficulty in life.
However, you will not face difficulty because you are cis/straight/white/male.
This should not be hard to understand.





so for some reason hershey’s thinks that golden apples would be great to sell as valentine’s candy


so i got one and wrote this on top:


and left it on a table in the studio


less than five minutes later people were fighting about it

my plan has thus far been a success

I love you

you do realize this is how the trojan war started right

this is definitely how the college au of the iliad starts



It’s a super easy way to help alleviate many of the symptoms which come from leading a stressful life.  Here’s a list of the main health benefits that you can expect when you practice this posture regularly.

  • Calms your nervous system
  • Brings fresh blood & lymph fluid into your abdomen & organs  – very refreshing
  • Relieves tension in lower back & sacrum
  • Helpful for minor depression & anxiety
  • Relaxes your adrenals
  • Calms your mind
  • Reduces swelling in your feet and legs
  • Releases tension and stress from your legs – they will feel lighter
  • Rests your heart as your feet are above the heart – reversing effects of gravity.

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So I tried this and it actually felt great

Let me get this straight:

Disney getting lazy with their character designs:
a serious matter on Tumblr
Ubisoft not willing to make female characters for Assassin's creed:
a serious matter on Tumblr
4chan raids:
a serious matter on Tumblr
People are told to shave and behave:
a serious matter on Tumblr
World cup:
a serious matter on Tumblr (despite sports not being something appealing to a big part of the site)
Israel and Gaza being constantly bombarded by one another:
Tumblr doesn't give two shits.

Thank god its just as i remember it.


Thank god its just as i remember it.

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